The witch of Knowles

She stares at those that pass by her window with beady weasely eyes.

She hobbles down the driveway but lend yourself to caution as the movement is that of a crocodile by a watering hole.

Her words are oblivious to the meaning of truth, as what slithers out of her mouth is malicious and deceiving.

She cries false tears when people see her true form.  

Beware innocent ones to bestow your ear,

she’ll take an arm and leg as well.

The witch of Knowles is waiting for your soul.



(….inspired by my horrible next door neighbour😔.)


Confidence sees no duty in hubris.

Confidence sees no need for boastfulness.

Confidence is amused by those who try to break them down.

Confidence abhors lack of understanding and respect.

Confidence relies on no one to define them but enjoys the company of others.

Confidence is kindness and graciousness.

Confidence is the ability to maneuvre within a world of many worlds.

Confidence is the perfect state of being.

The man with the knapsack

The sky was lit with colours of romance;

soft purples, pinks and pale yellow with tiny hints of scarlet.

The road paved of little stones came up and split in two.

The man with the knapsack stopped.

He drew in a breath, a decision to be made.

He looked behind him from where he came;

his view blocked by the horizon of the hill.

He looked down the path to the left;

a little down the way a spiral swirled in colours of silver, gold and black.

Yet on the right he found the path just that.

It did not call to him nor make him feel alive.

And then he it came to him and 

to the left he started.

As he moved the sky began to darken,

he arrived at the spiral and looked up at the twinkle of the sky.

Some time passed as he stood in front.

The stars had become abundant.

They reflected on the silver and gold the swirl was reminiscence of a jewel.

In his hesitation, it started to swirl faster revealing the vastness of possibility.

He drew a breath, his heart quickening.

He did not feel afraid.

His hesitation dissipated he took his step –

As he came through the sky began to lighten and brighten as the sun began to rise.

The sky revealed the clearest blue and the sun gave way to the its warmth.

The man with his knapsack grinned.

He continued on his way with life in his eyes and a dance in his heart.