She imagined her life was fullfilled,

until she looked up oneday.

Instead of a wide open sky, 

she saw a limited view through the bottom of a hole.

Vaguely recalling falling in but never paid much mind.

As she continued to look up,

flashes of the past pushed into her mind.

The sheer volume made her look away. 

But something was different, she didn’t drive them away.

Rather felt an acceptance of all mistakes and bad choices.

Then a lightness within began to form.

The more she let go of all of the past,

the more lightness she felt.

She sensed gratefulness unlike before. 

Her heart illuminated.

The freedom radiated.

And when she was able, 

she looked up and there it was,

the wide open sky as she remembered.

The hole now beneath her.

She smiled and walked forward.


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