I once found a small adorable puppy with big doey eyes and a curious tail; I paid no mind to it.

I picked up the puppy and he slightly growled.

I thought:

“Poor thing, it’s never been loved.”

So, I loved it more.

He began to grow; the tail began to grow.

And I loved him,

And fed him,

And kept him safe.

And he growled,

And snappped,

And slept with eyes open.

I thought:

“Poor puppy, who had no one to love him and show him the way.”

Then oneday, 

as I bent down to feed him,

I felt a sharp prick on my neck.

I looked up and saw that the puppy was never a puppy at all.

He was a dog, who never needed my help nor wanted it;

And the strange little tail was that of a scorpion.

Then I fell;

my life given away to the deafness of my ears,

and the blindness of my eyes.

If only I had been more discerning.


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