Bleeding Heart

My heart has always seemed to bleed for those in war, 

for those that can’t see past the end of their nose,

for those that shout they have open minds, only to drown the voices of others.

But most of all my heart bleeds for my sadness,

for my pain,

for me.



Climbing over mountains

seems to be my plight.

I try this and that;

yet always out of breath.

The stones too hard to crack as I try and go through it.

So climb I do.

No mind, no thought.

Just climb

And every peak I reach,

I see just another mountain with a peak and nothing that I wanted.

Until today..

It could have been the crisp air,

Or the stubbing of my toe,

that helped my mind awaken.

Nonetheless I saw a path and realized;

that sometimes the straight path is to just go around it.

The Hybrid

I once found a small adorable puppy with big doey eyes and a curious tail; I paid no mind to it.

I picked up the puppy and he slightly growled.

I thought:

“Poor thing, it’s never been loved.”

So, I loved it more.

He began to grow; the tail began to grow.

And I loved him,

And fed him,

And kept him safe.

And he growled,

And snappped,

And slept with eyes open.

I thought:

“Poor puppy, who had no one to love him and show him the way.”

Then oneday, 

as I bent down to feed him,

I felt a sharp prick on my neck.

I looked up and saw that the puppy was never a puppy at all.

He was a dog, who never needed my help nor wanted it;

And the strange little tail was that of a scorpion.

Then I fell;

my life given away to the deafness of my ears,

and the blindness of my eyes.

If only I had been more discerning.

Hard Times

I never really understood, 

what going through hard times really meant.

We were lucky in life to have all we needed,

all to be taken away.

“These are hard times” I thought back then.

But we adjusted and carried on.

Then today,

today you broke my heart;

as I realized the fun I like to have is not with you.

 I want to play and you just stare.

These are hard times.

The Storm

Whii-rr-l the inner working of my mind commences. 

The storm is beginning to unfold.

My mind begins to whip and lash like trees being violently pushed by winds.

The darkness is deepening, the storm encroaches;

I try to fight back, but here in this darkness its hard to see and hear.

It’s a fight I tend to lose…

Then, from the deep subset of my mind, I see in the distance a ray of light piercing its way towards me.

Its blade breaking away the darkness.

With relief, I know it will all be over soon.


Creep Creep it comes,

Creep Creep it snarls,

Creep Creep its appendages stretch out through the dark towards us,

Creep Creep its grimace stuns us, 

Creep Creep we see it starting to advance,

Creep Creep the drool glistens off its fang;

Creep Creep we set it free.

Alas, here it is –

Covered with guilt and remorse, 

it rips our torsos apart.

If only we had remembered why, the Creeper had been caged.